4015 Cross-Linker

For use with SSR Clear over Hard Surfaces.

Add 4015 to Scenix SSR Clears: 7030, 7031, 7032

4015 creates a full cure (cross-link density) of the paint’s resin, achieving its greatest improvement in physical and chemical resistant properties.

4015 is only recommended for use with SSR Clears when painting hard surfaces.

Please Notice: Previously 4015 was added to all Scenix paints and SSR Clears. Update to 4016 for use with colors based upon improved test results, especially concerning flexibility and adhesion after prolonged submersion in water.

Technical Data & More Info Downloads:

Scenix SSR Clears TDS

Scenix Overview Sheet

Scenix SSR Clears vs Createx Clear Coats

Scenix SSR Clears more info

4011 High Temperature Thinners


ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rating


4015 Cross-Linker –  WARNING: Cancer –

All Scenix –  WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm –