4971-04 Auto Air Colors Semi-Opaques Set

Contains 1 x 4oz of each of the following Semi-Opaques:

4201 Brite White, 4202 Lemon Yellow, 4203 Flame Yellow, 4204 Chrome Yellow, 4205 Flame Orange, 4206 Flame Red, 4208 Emerald Green, 4209 Dark Green, 4211 Caribbean Blue, 4213 Process Blue, 4214 Midnight Blue, 4216 Deep Purple, 4217 Light Brown, 4220 Deep Black, 4221 Cream

4200 Series Transparent and Graphic Colors-

Transparent and Semi-Opaque Colors are the standard airbrush & graphics colors in the Auto Air Colors line.

Transparent Colors work with any airbrush size including 0.18mm tips operated at low psi settings after reducing in generous amounts. S

emi-Opaque Colors are similar to Transparent Colors with the addition of a refined clay for improved coverage.

Semi – Opaque Colors best work with larger tip-sized airbrushes and spray-guns.

Transparent Colors are suitable for spraying with little reduction for use with spray-guns and large tip-sized airbrushes. For use with smaller tip-sized airbrushes, reduce 25% per volume or more to achieve fine-line performance. Reduction ratios may vary per color to achieve best atomization.

Semi-Opaque Colors are designed for coverage through larger tip-sized airbrushes and spray-guns. They are not designed for fine-lined spray performance through smaller tip-sizes as reduction will not lessen the particle size of the clay used for opacity.

Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide for further application information.

4200 Series Fluorescent Colors-

Fluorescent Colors are vivid neon colors that are very transparent.

Best applied over 6001 AutoBorne Sealer White or a color-keyed sealer base to hide color loss, see below.

Fluorescent Colors are not lightfast.  Fluorescent Colors will eventually fade due to exposure to direct light.  Do not use for long-term, exterior finishes.

To hide fading of a Fluorescent Color when used as an exterior color, for example on a helmet or ski jet, apply Fluorescent Color over a color-keyed base color instead of white.

For example, apply 4261 Fluorescent Hot Yellow over 6004 AutoBorne Sealer Yellow instead of white so as the Hot Yellow’s pigment fades leaving only a transparent resin, the underlying color will be yellow instead of white, which helps hide the fading of the fluorescent pigment.

Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide for further application information.