Auto Air Colors

airbrush art on airplane

Auto Air Colors are lightfast, durable and proven automotive paints, intended for long lasting, brilliant paint jobs. Auto Air Colors work for complete base paint applications and graphics over existing finishes.
The Auto Air Colors paint line consists of Additives, Sealers, Aluminums, Graphic Colors, Special FX paints, Color Shift FX, Sparkles Colors, Candy Pigments and displaying the very latest water-based technology with our Candy 2os.

Auto Air Colors Range
Additives – Sealers White, Dark, Transparent Base, Cleaner, Restorer and Reducers.
4100 Aluminums – include fine, medium and coarse flake options. Best applied with large airbrush tip or spraygun.
4200 Graphic Colors – semi-opaques, transparent and fluorescents.
4300 Special FX – Pearlescents, Metallics, Iridescents
4400 Color Shift FX – Hi-Lite Interference Colors, Flair Color-Shift
4500 Sparkle Colors – Hot Rod Sparkles, Cosmic Sparkles, Sparklescents.
4600 – Candy Pigment Colors and Candy 2os

airbrush painting on VW

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