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createx illustration colors - Refine transparent colors for exacting performance


Illustration Colors are lightfast and made with the same exterior-grade pigments used to make Wicked Colors and Auto Air Colors. The difference is the resin. Createx Illustration Colors have a unique feature called “delayed cross-linking”. After application, colors are easy to soft-erase and manipulate during an open window of approximately 48hours, after which colors dry to hard, durable coating that is not water-soluble. Illustrators and fine artists can work without limitations no matter what the substrate: canvas, illustration board or other hard surfaces.

Tim Gore’s Bloodline – are a special set of colors created by renowned special effects artist Tim Gore. The Bloodline Colors feature colors designed for the subtleties of painting everything from “hyper real” creatures, to humanoids, monsters and zombies. They share the same properties and attributes as Createx Illustration Colors. Both lines are intended for reduction with 4012 High Performance Reducer.
To enhance the adhesion of the Bloodline Colors on super flexible surfaces, simply apply “Flexible Adhesion Promoter” direct to the substrate, followed by several light coats of 5090 Createx Illustration Transparent Base to create a matte base, over which the Illustration Colors, Bloodline and Wicked Colors may be applied.

Tim Gores Bloodline Colors - subtle hues for hyper-realistic colors


Colour Chart

Createx Illustration Colors - Color Chart IL-Bloodline flyer front_C

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