The Createx 4021 Reducer revolutionizes the airbrushing experience for artists aiming to enhance their craft and minimize tip-drying. This water-based reducer is expertly designed to enhance the flow, leveling, and performance of Createx paints. Ideal for intricate illustrations, custom automotive artwork, or sophisticated fine art projects, the 4021 Reducer guarantees smooth and uniform paint application. Now available at Airbrush Paint Direct, the 4021 Reducer is your solution for professional-quality outcomes with simplicity.

Key Features of Createx 4021 Reducer

Enhanced Flow and Leveling: The Createx 4021 Reducer optimizes paint application by breaking down water’s surface tension, leading to superior flow and leveling. This improvement minimizes brush marks and spray anomalies, ensuring a pristine finish.

Versatility: Compatible with all Createx paints and clears, the 4021 Reducer supports a broad range of artistic applications from fine art to automotive painting. Its suitability for both airbrushes and spray guns makes it a flexible tool in any airbrush artist’s arsenal.

Slower Evaporation Rate: With a slower evaporation rate than the 4011 Reducer, the 4021 formula allows paints to flow better and level more evenly. This slow evaporation enhances finish quality by reducing tip-dry and facilitating smoother color blending.

Ease of Use: Mix the 4021 Reducer with your Createx paints in a 10-30% ratio by volume to achieve the consistency and application style you prefer. For best results, let the mixture sit for 10 minutes before use.

Reduced Tip-Dry: Experience minimal to zero tip-dry with this water-based acrylic paint, enhancing your painting experience.

Benefits of Using Createx 4021 Reducer

Seamless Color Blending: Achieve smooth gradients and detailed effects with the 4021 Reducer, which allows colors to blend effortlessly. It’s perfect for artists striving for realistic effects and detailed precision in their work.

Reduced Tip-Dry: The 4021 Reducer significantly diminishes tip-dry, facilitating uninterrupted painting and a more enjoyable experience.

Long-Lasting Mixture: Mixtures with the 4021 Reducer remain viable for extended periods when stored properly in a cool, dry place in an airtight container, allowing for larger batches and sustained quality over time.

How to Use Createx 4021 Reducer

Mixing Ratios: Blend 10-30% of the 4021 Reducer with your Createx paints, adjusting the ratio based on your method and desired paint consistency.

Preparation: Stir thoroughly without shaking.

Acclimation Time: Allow the blend to sit for at least 10 minutes to let the components fully integrate.

Application: Apply with an airbrush or spray gun as usual, and enjoy the improved flow and reduced tip-dry.