4905-04 Auto Air Colors – 4oz Additive Sample Set


Contains 1 x 4oz of each of the following products:

4008 Restorer

4011 Reducer

4030 Balancing Clear

(4008 Restorer, 4030 Balancing Clear, 4011 Reducer –  WARNING: Cancer & Developmental Harm –

Product Descriptions:

  • 4008 Restorer – A biodegradable cleaner for soaking metallic airbrush & spray-gun parts in to remove cured paint. Use after painting to partially dissolve dried paint for easy clean-up with soap & water.
  • 4011 Reducer – The go-to, recommended thinner for all Createx paints and clears. 4011 is a water-based thinner used to lower viscosity and promotes faster drying times and complete curing. 4011 is generally added 5% – 10% per volume to paint. Refer to Technical Data Sheet for more information about thinning and mixing specific color type
  • 4030 Balancing Clear – Water-based, urethane clear used as 1) flow & adhesion enhancer added ~ 10% per volume to Createx paints & 2) carrier for candy2o. May also be used as inter-coat, although UVLS Clears are best Createx inter-coat for taping over.