4906-04 Additive Set with 4020 Automotive Reducer Set

Contains 4oz. each

4008 Restorer, 4012 High Performance Reducer, 4030 Intercoat, 4020 Automotive Reducer

4030 Balancing Clear –  WARNING: Cancer –
4008 Restorer –  WARNING: Cancer & Developmental Harm –

4004 Transparent Base is the colorless resin base to the entire Auto Air Colors line.

4004 works as an excellent non-reactive barrier to prevent Candy 2O from bleeding.

Use anytime to quickly lock down Candy 2O before applying other colors.

4004 Transparent Base works as a light, protective inter-coat perfect for protecting airbrushed artwork before taping.

Reduce 4004 Transparent Base 10% per volume with 4012 or 4020 Automotive Reducer.

Apply in light-drop coats over artwork or Candy 2O.

4000 Series Quick Guide:

+ 4030 Intercoat – Essential additive that enhances spray performance & coating durability. Mix with all Auto Air Colors prior to use.
+ 4012 High Performance Reducer – Standard thinner for lower viscosity for airbrush use.
+ 4020 Automotive Reducer – A specialty reducer for painting in humid or cold conditions.
+ 4008 Restorer – removes dried paint from airbrush & spray-gun.
+ 5618 Createx Airbrush Cleaner -A mild, water-based solvent cleaner for rinsing colors while painting. Rinses paint from airbrush or spray-gun more effectively compared to water when changing colors. Helps maintain proper working condition of airbrush or spray-gun by preventing build-up of dried paint.