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4959-A Cory St Clair Signature Box Set 

The Cory St Clair Signature Box Set is an “All in 1” Portrait/Fleshtone Training Set in a box.

The set includes a “Color Use Guide”, with a few of Cory’s tips and favourite uses of color plus the following items:

2oz each of the following colors:

  • 4012 High Performance Reducer
  • 4004 Transparent Basewicked colors, airbrush paint
  • 4030 Mix Additive/Balancing Clear
  • 4650 candy2o Blood Red
  • 4653 candy2o Lemon Yellow
  • 4655 candy2o Marine Blue
  • 4664 candy2o Black
  • 5037 Bloodline Injury Ochre

  • 5039 Bloodline Blood Red
  • 5048 Bloodline Surgery Sienna
  • 5050 Illustration White
  • 5051 Illustration Black
  • W007 Wicked Blue
  • W009 Wicked Pthalo Green
  • W052 Wicked Detail Yellow
  • W068 Wicked Detail Raw Umber
  • W075 Wicked Detail Black Magenta
  • W076 Wicked Detail Cory St Clair Universal Fleshtone
  • Precision Cups
  • “Color” pamphlet


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