5010 Berlin-Airbrush Fire Red


Transparent colors that spray out of the bottle with a 0.3mm airbrush tip size or larger. Thin with 4011 Reducer for increased transparency and flow with the smallest airbrush tip-sizes. Ultra-refined, water-based airbrush paint for superior detail and refined atomization. Made with lightfast pigments and an acrylic resin.


5010 Berlin-Airbrush Fire Red

Illustration Colors are Createx’s flagship airbrush paints designed for refined atomization and flow through the smallest of airbrush tip sizes, at low psi settings, without a stippled pattern when faded from a tint to a saturated color.

Illustration Colors dry to a matte finish.

Illustration Colors, Bloodline and Lifeline are transparent paints with no filler added and made with a saturated pigment volume for coverage out of the bottle. Illustration Opaque Colors have a higher pigment volume to create a more saturated color for increased coverage compared to other Illustration Colors.  All Illustration Colors color-types are made with the same resin, perform similarly, and are collectively herein referred to as Illustration Colors.

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