Createx Airbrush Colors – 5203 Lilac


Opaque Colors

Standard graphic colors that spray opaque out-of-the-bottle, with a 0.5mm airbrush tip-size. Thin with 4011 Reducer for use with smaller airbrush tip-sizes

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Createx Airbrush Colors

Createx Airbrush Colors are fluid acrylic colors with specialized performance for airbrush and spray-gun application.  Colors are made with a supple, yet durable acrylic resin that is well suited for painting fabric and textiles with a finish that leaves a “soft-hand” feel.

Createx Airbrush Colors are designed to cover and spray best with larger tip-sizes at higher psi settings compared to Wicked Colors and Illustration Colors which are better suited for fine-line performance through smaller airbrush tip-sizes at lower psi settings.

Createx Airbrush Colors are made with lightfast pigments, the same pigments Wicked Colors and Illustration Colors.

Createx Airbrush Colors dry semi-gloss.

Opaque Airbrush Colors

  • Cover opaque out of the bottle in 2 – 3 coats.
  • Best sprayed with a 0.5mm / large tip-sized airbrush at higher psi settings, 35 – 45+ psi.
  • Not for small airbrush tip-sizes smaller than 0.35mm. Even when over-reduced, Opaque Colors work better with large tip-sizes.
  • For Opaque Colors which can be sprayed through medium and small tip-sizes down to 0.18mm at under 20 psi; Createx Illustration Opaque Colors work best.

Mixing & Diluting Createx Airbrush Colors 

  • Createx Airbrush Colors may be used out-of-the-bottle or, thinned with 4011 Reducer.
  • Airbrush: Thin colors 10% – 25% per volume with 4011 Reducer. Thin in small increments until colors flow and atomize into fine droplets.
  • Spray-gun: Thin ~ 10% per vol. with 4011 Reducer

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