6000 AutoBorne Transparent Sealer

AutoBorne Transparent Sealer has the performance of other AutoBorne Sealers without the pigment.  It’s a must-have product for any Createx Colors painter.  Works excellent as an adhesion promoter, inter-coat and flake carrier.

* Incredible adhesion to any substrate to any surface including plastics.  No adhesion promoter is ever required.
*Dries fast to a level, hard finish.
*Waterproof after curing, perfect for exterior applications.
*Shaves well when dry sanded with 1000-grit sandpaper.
*Does not have to be scuffed prior to applying Createx Colors paints.
*Reduce 10% per volume 4012 High Performance Reducer
*Apply with a 1.3 – 1.4 tip-size gun operated ~ 22 – 27 psi.
*Allow Transparent Sealer to dry matte before re-coating.