AutoBorne Sealer 8oz. Primary Set

Item # 6100-00


White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue (GS), High Performance Reducer

Helmet painter & small-project size set of Auto Air ‘s new line of sealers, recommended as the foundation for all graphic and basecoat paintjobs.

Set contains the essential primary colors for mixing into a wide variety of base colors using AutoBorne 6988-00 Mix Chart.

AutoBorne Sealer

Water-Based Acrylic Primer

Starting base for any Createx paint when painting hard surfaces.

Apply direct to aluminum, plastic, wood, fiberglass and more.

Cures to a hard coating over-which colors flow-out for a level finish.

  • Thin with 4011 Reducer 5% – 10% per volume
  • Airbrush: 0.5mm, ~ 25 – 30 psi
  • Spray-gun: 1.2 – 1.4mm, ~ 18 – 24 psi
  • Color-key colors with AutoBorne Sealer for improved coverage.

6000 Transparent Sealer is a clear primer-sealer. Use as inter-coat clear, flake carrier and adhesion promoter for most plastics including polycarbonate.

6013 Silver Sealer is the ground coat for Aluminum Colors and silvers.

For direct to metal, brass and hard plastics, see also UVLS Clears.

For more information please see below downloadable information and data sheets:

AutoBorne Sealer Technical Data Sheet

Hard Surfaces Application Guide