Wicked Colors – W068 Detail Raw Umber


Wicked Colors

Multi-surface, water-based airbrush paint for any interior & exterior paint project. Made with lightfast pigments & a durable acrylic resin.

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Detail Colors 

An artist palette of colors that are made with a smaller size of resin-particle (a sub-micron sheer) for better atomization and flow at lower psi settings compared with standard Wicked Colors, which would require more thinning with 4011 Reducer for flow through the same airbrush tip-size.

Detail Colors dry matte compared to other Wicked Colors which dry satin to semi-gloss.

Spray out of the bottle with a 0.5mm to 0.3mm tip-size, reduce 5% – 20% per volume for tip-sizes as small as 0.18mm.


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