Wicked Colors – W402 Hi-Lite Red


Wicked Colors

Multi-surface, water-based airbrush paint for any interior & exterior paint project. Made with lightfast pigments & a durable acrylic resin.

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Pearl-Flake Colors

Crystal-shaped pearls suspended in a transparent base for application as a mid-coat, most often over a black base, but work well over w die-spectrum of base colors as well.

Pearl-flakes may also be mixed with candy2o to make candied pearl colors that are deep and vibrant.

Pearl Flake Series

  1. Hot Rod Sparkle, large pearl-flakes that create a coarse effect. Apply with a 0.5mm or larger tip-size airbrush.
    W420 HRS White is a transparent flake that mixes and color-keys well with any color.
  2. Cosmic Sparkle, small, 8-sdied crystal pearls that create a more refined pearl effect compared to Hot Rod Sparkle.
    Cosmic Sparkle are automotive OEM, Xiralliac pearls.Spray through a 0.5mm and a 0.3mm airbrush tip-size tip with thinning with 4011 Reducer ~ 10 – 20% per volume.
  3. Hi-Lite Interference, accent pearls with a soft effect. Very similar to the shimmering effect of pearlescent fish scale


  • Extend with 4004 Transparent Base, 4050 or 4030, then thin with 4011 Reducer 5% – 10% per vol.
  • Apply over metallic colors for added glow, for example W 404 Hi-Lite Blue over 6013 Silver Sealer.


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