Gerald Mendez Art Studio Color Set

The Gerald Mendez Art Studio Color Set is a perfect collection of candy2o and Illustration Colors – Airbrush Magic!!

(Please refer to our candy2o and Illustration Colors pages for full individual product details and application recommendations)


Gerald Mendez Art Studio Set Contains:

* candy2o: 4650 Blood Red, 4652 Tequila Yellow, 4653 Lemon Yellow, 4654 Grabber Orange, 4655 Marine Blue, 4657 Caribe Blue, 4659 Deep Purple, 4661 Emerald Green, 4662 Dirt Track Brown

* Createx Illustration Colors: 5050 White, 5051 Black, 5052 Yellow, 5053 Scarlet, 5059 Cobalt Blue

* Reducers & Mediums: 4012 HP Reducer, 4020 Automotive Reducer, 4030 Mix Additive/Balancing Clear (2)

* Precision Caps

* Aztec Mask Step by Step How-to Brochure

* Aztec Mask Line Drawing for Transferring

* FREE Artool Texture FX Mini Series Master template