Tropical Set

Item # 5810-00

Contains 2oz. each:

5116 Transparent Tropical green, 5117 Transparent Brite Red, 5121 Transparent Flamingo Pink, 5126 Transparent Sand, 5133 Canary Yellow, 5134 Transparent Maui Blue

Transparent Colors

Vibrant colors which do not have fillers for opacity.

Transparent Colors most often work best over a light surface or base color such as Opaque White.

Transparent Colors have a high pigment load for semi-opaque coverage out of the bottle and may be reduced with 5601 Transparent Base or 4012 High Performance Reducer to increase transparency and assist flow & atomization with smaller airbrush tip-sizes.

Add 4030 Mix Additive to Createx Airbrush Colors for improved spray performance and adhesion on plastic, vinyl and application onto hard-surfaces.