W130-02 Wicked Colors Opaque Set – 12 x 2oz


This Set contains 1 of each of the Wicked Opaque Colors, in the 2oz size (see full details below).


Set Contents:

W030-02 – Wicked Opaque White
W031-02 – Wicked Jet Black
W080-02 – Wicked Opaque Hansa Yellow
W081-02 – Wicked Opaque Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
W082-02 – Wicked Opaque Pyrrole Orange
W083-02 – Wicked Opaque Pyrrole Red
W084-02 – Wicked Opaque Phthalo Green
W085-02 – Wicked Opaque Limelight Green
W086-02 – Wicked Opaque Phthalo Blue
W087-02 – Wicked Opaque Daylight Blue
W088-02 – Wicked Opaque Dioxazine Purple
W089-02 – Wicked Opaque Cream

Wicked Colors are fluid acrylic colors with specialized performance for airbrush and spray-gun application.

Wicked is a comprehensive line of water-based, acrylic resin paints made with lightfast pigments.
Wicked Colors are intended for use as interior application and exterior application with a top-coat clear applied over Wicked Colors, such as UVLS Clears.

Wicked Colors are used primarily for use as an airbrush paint, and colors applied with a spray-gun. Wicked Colors can be sprayed out of the bottle, as well as most often thinned with 4011 Reducer added ~ 10% per volume.

Wicked Colors may also be mixed with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear (recommended) or 4030 Balancing Clear to create a durable acrylic-urethane resin blend that adheres better to hard-surfaces and cures to a more durable, mar-resistant coating.

Wicked Colors are available in 2oz., 16oz., 32oz. & 1-Gal. sizes.

Product & Technical Information:

Wicked Colors TDS

Wicked Colors & Wicked Detail Colors Video


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