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UVLS Clears are water-based, architectural-grade clears made for interior and exterior applications.
They are made with an acrylic – aliphatic polyurethane resin which is exceptionally durable with excellent adhesion.
UVLS Clears are durable and do not yellow over time.

UVLS stands for Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer; clears contain UV protection for underlying colors, especially helpful when top-coating candy2o and other dyes & stains.

UVLS Clears have an ASTM E84 Class A fire rating for smoke & flame spread.

Available in 4050 Gloss, 4051 Satin and 4052 Matte and in 6 bottle sizes (2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz & Gallon)

• 4050 Gloss is the highest gloss-level Createx clear.
• 4051 Satin & 4052 Matte maintain a consistent gloss-level that doesn’t “gloss up” when excess material is applied.
• 4050 Gloss has the best adhesion and is the recommend UVLS Clear for use as a primer.

Compatible with all Createx paints

UVLS Clears Have 3 Functions
1. Top-coat clear for sign, costuming, modeling and more.
2. Primer – Adheres to most any substrate except silicone
3. candy2o carrier

Mixing & Thinning UVLS Clears
UVLS Clears are thinned with 4011 Reducer 5% – 10% per volume.

UVLS Clears may be applied by spray-gun, airbrush or traditional brush.
Pin-hole free coverage is achieved with 3 medium coats

For full product details please refer to our TDS Sheet

TDS Sheet – UVLS Clears